My activity feed broke? AGAIN


Hi! So I think my activity bar broke again. It's not blank this time, I just don't receive any notifications.

I am now positive this is happening. I had 41 likes on my riddle round. Now I have 48. But it's not appearing in my activity?


Same. My auto follow hasn't showed up for 12 hours.


Yeah, 12 hours for me as well


I actually created a new account to see what happened. I still followed myself, but when I switched accounts back, I didn't see my other account.


Yes! I'm not alone! Thanks for telling me, I was a little nervous when the last one was 12 hours :sweat_smile: Thank you!


My last activity was 13 hours ago
Now I have 70 more likes on something


It's either that it's a glitch, or it's just Church and no one is joining :sweat_smile:


My last one was 13 hours and my newer project says i have 2 likes but not in my activity


Yeah! I got a ton of likes overnight, they don't show up in my activity!


Same here @AwesomeWolf18! My activity is at 13hrs and I've had ninty two likes on a project, but only 20 in my activity tab. I have emailed the Hopscotch Team (@Ian, @Liza), but I don't think it will be fixed until Monday atleast seeing as it is Sunday and I don't think they work on Sundays. :yum::cat:


Guys also if you are wanting to see requests you could go onto the Remixes of my Projects tab. I have found this really useful recently as I can still do requests and collabs with people even if my activity tab is down. Also, sometimes I find that a project that is in the Remixes of my Projects tab isn't in my activity tab. Every so often I find that there is a gap in the activity tab (2 to 3 hours long), but this seems to be a bigger problem.


It doesn't bother me much, I can't ever really see remixes and likes through all the follows.


Me too, well, I guess the riddle competition will just have to wait.


What's an auto follow? Also yeah I know I'm getting likes but they won't show up in my feed. Also @poptart0219 please don't talk about church I don't go to church and were not supposed to talk about religions


Autofollow is a person that is automatically followed.


Huh? I don't get it, why would someone be followed automatically?


Because maybe hopscotch thinks their projects are good, and newcomers can look at them


@friendship2468 I was talking about people going to church- and I don't go either :wink:




Oh, well, thanks for clearing that up.