My account is glitching a lot plz help!


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

iPhone ?:

Lightningstrike:zap:️1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):

Steps to make the problem happen:

I expected this to happen:

But instead this happened:

Here’s a sweet screenshot:


I didn't even post that yeah plz help!!


I can it even fix it


Fill out the form please


I think that's supposed to happen, by the way
I never made a bug topic though so i don't really know


What is the problem? (No offence)


I tried to but my thing keeps glitching I rewrote this five times to get to what it looks like


I can't type and it keeps taking me to ad pages


Hmm, that's weird. I dunno if it will help, but maybe you can try restarting your device?


I have tried but it didn't work it's started to happen on all my apps noqa could phone be hacked?!


Your phone can be hacked, but there is a very small chance. Email Apple about it. Are you using a jailbreaked device (with Cydia or similar, I don't have jailbreak but my friends phone got a virus when he used Cydia)? I really hope you don't have jailbreak because it is illegal.
Or try restarting your device, or holding the home button and the power button at the same time (iDevices) to force restart. But, it should only be used when your devices doesn't work at all, so try restarting first.


It started to fix and no I don't think I have that my dad would know, I have restarted it. I don't think it's hacked or a virus. My mom says its becuz I have to many apps so I deleted 5


Yes, too many apps can make your phone glitch. It's great that it has started to work! And if you don't haven't jailbreaked your device (never do it) it isn't jailbreaked.


Umm this doesn't give much info, maybe fill out the form?


I could fill out the form cuz my phone was glitching and I found out it wasn't this so I how do I take this down since


I know this is kind of off topic, but when @The_Coder said his/her mom said to delete games, I started thinking about this really dum.b game I had on my tablet called cookie dunk. All you do is tap the cookie.


Ok does anyone know how to take this down since it over


You can't delete topics, but you can ask everyone to delete their posts, then edit the top post so you can recycle or sell it. If you want, you can also ask a Leader to close. :D