My 1st Hopscotch Anniversary!



Wow. I started Hopscotch one entire year ago! I remember looking at my friend playing Hopscotch, downloading it myself, and creating an account, all exactly a year ago.

I can't believe how much I've improved since my first project, ( ) compared to my most recent project. ( ) I've learned so much! Not only did I learn what coding was or how to do it, I also advanced my problem solving skills, learned that females are just as good at coding as males, and transitioned into type-based coding websites. It's crazy so much I've learned and got better, I'm very happy about how I've spent my time on Hopscotch.

Some of my Early Hopscotch Memories

I have a terrible memory. I hardly remember stuff, unless it's important or I was super happy. So it's not much of a surprise I remember my first couple weeks at Hopscotch.

I do remember one of my first projects, a remix of CheerfulOwl. This was an actual remix with changes made. I messed around in the code for days and days, changing lots of colors, texts, and objects to the way I liked it. Then I would ask my friends to play it, and they would mess around in the code. Those were wonderful days with Hopscotch, and I will always remember them. I have so many more little ones like this, but I don't want to bore you XD

I also remember remixing @Madi_Hopscotch_'s lemonade stand. That was probably one of the first projects I ever played, and I absolutely loved it! I looked in the code for the longest time, until I finally figured out how to change the code to get me lots of money! It was pretty funny, me and my sister competing on over who made the most XD

Some people I would like to thank that made this year wonderful.

@AvocadoDont, you are an amazing person. I was so clueless when I joined the forum and Hopscotch, and I remember you being the first person to really make me want to come back on the forum. You were always so nice and patient with me, so helpful even though I was pretty annoying. I loved talking to you, thanks for all the wonderful early memories of Hopscotch you gave to me. Stay awesome!

@Anonymous, oh gosh. I don't even know how to thank you. I was a pest, I know, but you were always still extremely helpful and kind. All of those side conversations I remember having in the middle of math was so much fun for me, at least compared to negative numbers! I really appreciate everything you've done for me. Thanks for always being there, and listening. Keep being the amazing person you are.

@RubyWolf and @SoBit you guys are wonderful coding partners. All through January, I loved working and talking to you. Thanks for everything you guys have ever done, I swear I wouldn't even be on Hopscotch now if it weren't for you. So thank you.

@Dude73 I have had an amazing time with you. Just amazing. You always seem to put a smile on my face, no matter how messed up in feeling. Your stories are the highlight of my day. I have enjoyed talking to you both on the forum and on docs (before it was banned!). Please keep being you, because you are incredible!

@Gilbert189 You have helped me so much. I remember me and my friends (@HorsesKM) always looking through your projects, liking all of them, and then discussing how on earth you made such amazing projects after school. I look up to you so much, with you incredible projects and personality. I'm still loving your projects to this day, thanks for teaching me so much by just coding.

@OrangeScent and @LotsaPizza I know you guys are gone, but that doesn't change the fact you are both amazing people. I look up to you both so much. You are amazing artists, coders, and I know you'll do great things in life.

@Maltese You have been such a nice person. You inspire me so much and bring out the best in me always. Thank you so much for just being there, making me laugh, and being so kind and awesome. I love your coding, especially your trail art. Thank you for everything!

@trust_level_4 The old leaders and mods, thank you for taking such great care of the community. You guys are all great people as well as coders, and I admire each one of you. Thank you for everything!

@KayKay PP, you are the bravest most courageous girl I've ever met. I love your coding, I love your honesty, and I'm sorry you've been so down lately. I know you are an amazing person and will do awesome things later in life! Stay strong!

@VanillaOwl I have no idea how to thank you. You are so good at coding and art, it's crazy! Not to mention you are a great friend, who I just happen to know IRL. I love you in every way, thanks for being there and for all the great conversations we've had. You are such an amazing girl, thank you for everything!

@tankt2016 You are the best fan I've ever had. And I'll always be your biggest fan. I swear, I was walking on air for the next MONTH after you remixed my first feature. You are so kind and so helpful, I'm so grateful of both of you.

@KVJ, @Pingu, @EP125, @EnchantedHopscotcher, @Rawrbear, @RubyStars, @IShallNotBeNamed, @Sensei_Coder, @smishsmash, @DancingLollipop, @xXBARNSLEYFCXx, @CreativeCoder, @codingCupcake123, @bluedogmc-official, @Rainboom, @Bananadog @Kitkat26, @Madi_Hopscotch_, @Sweetlina, @Paige1212, @ValueGamesStudio, @TheGreenBanana, @IKeudin I look up to each and every one of you. You guys all inspire me so much, and are all so kind. Thank you for everything you've ever said to me!

(These aren't in any particular order)

I know there is sooooo many more people I want to thank, I'm so sorry if you slipped my mind.


What I'm doing to celebrate

I want to start a collab with many people. I never do much collabs, so I'm finally doing one with some of you! If you are interested, just post something in this topic telling me you'd want to join! I'm thinking in the collab we'll be making Halloween projects!

Again, I've had an amazing time here on the forum and Hopscotch. Is but such a great experience, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you for an incredible year on Hopscotch! :smiley: :tada:


(Credit to @AvocadoDont for the drawing)
(P.s. I don't know the exact day I joined Hopscotch but I think I joined about two weeks from now a year ago. I'm just thinking that because my first project is only 50 weeks old, not 52)

EDIT: I'll probably editing this a lot with more memories and thank yous!

Halloween Collab! (Run by SmileyAlyssa😊)

Happy anniversary!!!

I'd love to collaborate!

And Senpai Noticed Me!!



You are amazing! :DD

Looking back into your old profile, sometimes I wonder how much you have improved. Congrats on all your features.

I'm excited for my one year anniversary, and I will be adding you to my favorite Hopscotcher S for that one year. :DD

Also, thank you for being a person you look up to. I ran out of replies for my other account. XD oops



Wait.. im inspiring?



Nooo! Smashy died again :open_mouth:






Why you die, smishy?

@SmileyAlyssa, I want to collab with you! You seem like such an amazing coder, and you inspire me Thant I inspire you! :00

You're the first person that tagged me on EnchantedHopscotcher :000


Congrats! I still always look for new projects from you.


Awesome! Congrats! :D

You were the first person I met in hopscotch, and were the only hopscotcher that ever came to mind ;u;

I remember those days... no smile only cringe XD




Okey. I forgot to die XD


Waiiiiiiiiit a second, senpai called me senpai? dies

Congrats on your anniversary!!! :D


Congratulations @SmileyAlyssa! You're a great coder and a really nice and helpful person. Thanks for all you've contributed to the Hopscotch forum and to Hopscotch! I'm really excited to see what you make this year. :smiley: Sadly I can't join your collab, because I've been pretty busy lately and I might not be able to do much, if even any at all. :frowning: I hope it goes well, though! Sounds fun!


Oh my goodness thank you so much :sob::sob:
And ckngratulationssssss!


I want to collab, but I don't celebrate Halloween. Sorry!


Congratulations! :D

Thanks so much for saying I'm inspiring, and I'd love to collab!


Wow, congratulations @SmileyAlyssa! That's awesome! You've done so much in just a year, and have made such a huge impact on Hopscotch and its community! I've always looked up to you, not only for you incredible coding skills, but also because you're one of the kindest and most helpful people out there. Congrats!!!! :D
Thanks for tagging me! That means a ton! :)





Thank you so much senpai, you don't understand how much I appreciate that!


Wow congratulations senpai!! You should be really proud of everything you have done! You should never doubt yourself, you are always amazing, and I'm sure everyone else agrees :blush: