I can't believe this guys!!!! It's my 1st feature the game is lucky draw!! Thanks SO much to everyone This is amazing! :hugging:

Thanks so much to @Liza @staff

Link to game:


Well done for your feature! Congrats!!!!!


Congratulations! I guess you had Irish luck or had a four leaf clover​:four_leaf_clover:


Congrats! I guess you deserved the luck of St. Patrick's day!


Good job!

I just gave you nice topic :D


Congratulations, @Wookie! :D


Your project is awesome! :D


Congrats! I think your project is in an email too, but I'll have to check. You deserved it!!! :smiley:


Yeah it was included in the email :blush:


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Yay! That's so awesome!!! Congratulations on you first feature!


Congrats! I remember my first feature!


It was about a few weeks ago, actually! :yum:



Yeah it feals like a while ago times so slow when it comes to hopscotch!




Remember mine. So long ago....


I remember mine. So absolutely unexpected.