My 1 year anniversary!


In 4 days is my 1 year anniversary! :smile:

What I'm thinking about doing is making a giant list of shoutouts (it's probably gonna be everyone I have ever meet on here X(D) I will also start just a little coding competition. I will put up a temporary AMA on this topic for only my anniversary day, and lastly I'll just write a few paragraphs about my past year with you guys!

It took me a while to think about what to do, so I just smashed together a bunch of stuff you are aloud to do X(D!

I will also give private shoutouts if I see you've made a project about my anniversary (my user is gamergirlofgamers)

I can't wait, this has probably been the best year ever!!


Kewl! Congratuquiteearlytions!


That sounds awesome! Congratulations! :smile:


Guise it's hopversary!




Yay congrats on 1 year


I gave you a nice topic!(It's this topic).


Thank you, guys! I shouldn't be receiving this, I just come here to cheer myself up from school. X(D