My 1 Year Anniversary Is Coming Up!


Well, the title explains it all.

On September 15th, 2016, I will be an official Hopscotch fan for 1 Year!
Of course, I spent a lot of it inactive.
But I've made a goal to be more active then I ever have before!

I've been through so much. I want to thank you all, you gave me extra support in my lower parts this last year. Where I'd be without you guys? Maybe still lumping about thinking I was worthless.

On the day of my anniversary, I want to have a party of a sort and just kinda give a big speech, because Hopscotch is that important to me.

I want permission from the @admins to throw some kind of party.
I want everyone to participate in this celebration, this is big to me.

If I get permission to throw a sort of party, it won't be on this topic but I'll link to it.

Again, thank you all for being so welcoming and making a community I could participate in without feeling left out or being the odd one.


Do you mean a fourm birthday?

And congratz :D


Sorry, but parties are only for things like New Year's Eve, or the forum's birthday!


@MrHotdog64 yes. I joined hopscotch on September 15th (look at my card) and I joined hopscotch a few days before. (I estimate on Sept 13th I must of joined)


@Gilbert189 I understand, I just thought, "Why not ask?"!

But, it could also be a party where you have to be on topic, just it's kinda different from a normal topic? (Like for 2 days special events happen and stuff or something?)


No, because many other forum humans had anniversaries and we didn't have parties for them.


@PopTart0219 I understand....


Again, sorry!

But congrats on being here for a year! I'll get the badge on Nov. 28th... That's so far away! :laughing:


Now what do I do....

I need to do something in celebration of it...
Any ideas?


Im sure you can still celebrate it XD

if not what the heck.
Im sure that word is allowed^^


Happy early anniversary!


Hopscotch app user or forum user?


Another reason why I'm scared of Beyoncé


Well congrats on being on for a year!


Yay! I need to find a spongebob tap dancing GIF.




I like Patrick's face lel
Also I don't think a party is allowed @Hoppertoscotch


I may just make a new topic about it and hope that people will care enough to do something for me (Yes, I'm not dead lol)