My 1 year anniversary collab!



I don't really know right now! Do you have any ideas?


Well, I don´t know. I have a suggestion for a game...
Do you know what a hoverboard/airboard is?


Yes I know!


Well, I got one recently so it would be cool if we make a driving game.


Yes it would. This could be good because you're amazing at design


Thanks! Do you think we should make it?


Yes! I've time tomorrow because today I was busy


Awesome! How will we do the collab? Trading drafts?


I think that will be the best way! I think I'll be on a little now!


Hi @William04GamerA!


@anonymous is reading this lol!


Wait..... @Anonymous, are you in your car?


Ya I was

I stopped using the forum on my phone tho so I am now in a classroom on my iPad


Hi! Should we start? I will try to make some hoverboard designs on paper today or tomorrow, and I'll hopscotchify the one we choose.


I have an Idea of how the game could be.
You maybe drive an airboard and you should dodge things at a street by tilt your ipad


That´s a cool idea! We need to think how to make the physics so the airboard turns realistic. The one I have are smooth when you turn.


What do you mean with smoth when you turn?
My English isn't super good :sweat_smile:


I can´t really find a way to explain how it turns in others words. But, I have some good news for you.

Well, that looks weird. But it is some designs I have sketched. Ignore the sketch of shoes, I just added them because why not :slight_smile: .
Anyways, here´s a few designs! It is scanned and fixed by my printer, so some of the text might have dissappeared, And the image is tilted wrong. I can fix it or explain it if you can´t see what I´ve done. It´s a sketch, not a drawing. I spent like 5 minutes on this.


It would be cool if we make the one that's in 3D or the one from above


I agree! Those are my favorites too!