My 1 year anniversary collab!



In some days it's my 1 years anniversary. I will celebrate it by making a collab with someone. So if you want to do a collab with me reply down and I will choose knees to collab with.




I am wanna join it! @BB-Box


Cool ! Sorry , but I am going to skip this one !!



Thank you!


Happy anniversary! Can I join the collab? I'll be on later this evening!


I will collab with one person that I will choose.


Can I join the collab?


Happy Aniversery! :confetti_ball::tada:
I would love to join a collab!


Hey! I was my hopscotch 1 year anniversary last month! Can I be in the collab?


Can I join the collab?
@BB-Box lol


Will it be on an account?


I think I and the person(s) will trade drafts


I'm in!

(Would have to use my second acc though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)




I'll join, but I still don't have the update where they completely changed the editor.


Its my anniversary today and I've choose to collab with @William04GamerA!


Cool! Happy anniversary! How will we do the collab? I´ll have lots of time this weekend, not much today. I also have time tomorrow!


We can talk tomorrow!


Tomorrow is today... what should we make?