Mute icon shown w/o sounds being used


@Ana @Liza @awesomeonion

There was a prior bug where the Mute icon wasn’t displayed in drafts. That was corrected, but now the mute icon is being displayed even though the project has no sounds:

That’s a screenshot of this project

If the project is edited and played (with no changes), then the mute icon is not shown.


I noticed that. It keeps blocking the start button!


Press Edit and then Play. The mute icon won’t be shown then.


I know.


I saw that now. It is in my latest game (when I am writing this), CRCLUS". That is really weird.


Hey guys, if you update the app (we’ve just released a new version–3.32.1), do you still get the mute button?


Yes, the mute button is still shown in 3.32.1


I’ve noticed that if you’ve had sounds before but you removed the sound blocks that the mute button doesn’t go away