Mute Icon not shown in drafts Player


@awesomeonion @Liza

The Mute Icon that the Player displays if published projects have sounds is not displayed when an unpublished draft is played from the Editor. Please either display all icons when drafts are played, so users can design around them, or don’t display them at all. Displaying icons only on published projects ruins people’s hard work when it obscures part of their project. (Yes, this may be considered “polish”, but if you want users to pay or continue to pay for the subscription they expect a polished app)

View as published - Icon obscures number of lives

View when played as draft - No icon

Mute icon shown w/o sounds being used

That´s weird! Thanks for the bug report, have you emailed THT about this?


That’s a good idea. We will look into it next week.


doing it! Watch for the next release :slight_smile:


Thanks Sam. You’re awesome!


OMG, finally played breakout! It’s so fun!!



I originally thought it would be an easy game to make. But since Bumps really slow the FPS, I had to manually calculate all the collisions so it was anything but easy.

I tried encouraging Hops to look through the code and make their own levels: Breakout - Build a Level & get added to project , but no joy.

Anyway, if anyone wants to play through all the levels, there’s an Easter Egg that enables invincibility. Just tap right above the word “Level” & a shield will appear. Tap the shield to turn it back off.