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This is a huge topic in which I have linked topics with great tips and tricks to help out new forum users. Feel free to share this to welcome new users, and give them a safe resource to use when they need a little bit of assistance. In this topic I have links, helpful beginner tips, and more! Scroll down and read what you like! Please recommend topics to me in the “reply” section to add! Thanks to FearlessPhoenix for making this topic editable again after 6 months!!

NOTE: I have linked a bunch of additional topics in the “reply” section of this topic, before I was granted edit access to it again. Those topics are UBER helpful, so I 1000% suggest you check those out as well.

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Groups: Only for forumers who currently have a group

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If that did not help you enough with trust levels, here is a link to a website that explains trust levels from THT:

This is actually not a topic, this is a reply to one of MY first topics!

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Docs and sharing


What can get your post deleted

Leaders (if you were unaware)

Note: Read some on the replies on these topics! Users in the comments section share some really valuable tips as well. Also, feel free to contribute to any discussions on any of these topics!

BEGINNER TIPS :stuck_out_tongue:

1) Start off Easy!
I made SO many topics when I first started. So many, that THT had to put my account on hold for almost a week. All of my topics were decent, but my one tip would be to ease into it. Maybe start off by replying and liking. Then once the forum gets used to you, start making some topics to benefit the forum!

2) Follow the Community Guidelines
This is an easy one, but still very important. Being on the forum is super fun when you follow the rules. The rules are to keep all of us safe on this platform. If you see any sketchy activity, report it to a leader or THT member ASAP! We need everyone’s help in keeping our community safe and protected!

3) Do not get Discouraged!
I see this so often. New forumers will make drawing topics and similar topics, and half of their comments will be to SBYP. This make sense, and helps declutter the forum, but I have seen that it can discourage so many forumers. Sometimes all of their topics have SBYP in the comments section. Also, similar feelings can arise when leaders close your topics because you may not have SBYPed.
DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! Just try and make topics that relate to current forum news!

4) Do not feel Obligated!
Don’t feel obligated that you have to make a informational topic that helps people. YOU DON’T! You can always just stick to asking questions, answering questions, and checking out other topics! If you want to be involved, try helping someone with tricky code or figure out a bug!

Do you have any more tips? PLEASE comment them down below and tag me! I would love to hear them!
Thank you to everyone who shared my topic already! :smile:

Any more topics you feel should be talked about? Comment down below and tag me, so I can add them to this topic! Thanks!! ALSO, let me know if you have any minor but important tips you want me to add to this last segment!


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