Must Read for New Users!


Hello, all of the new users!
If you were brought to this topic from an outside source, welcome! I am @Swati_Bang! Be sure to read all of the links and tips shared with you above. Although this topic cannot be edited anymore, I still check back here often and I always see this topic is linked to new user topics!

Since all of you are newer users to the forum, I thought you would like to know about this super cool mentor challenge I have going on right now! It is based on the Voice (popular television show) and is going to be amazing with super cool prizes. It will encourage coding motivation and help upgrade some of the decreasing project quality on the Hopscotch app.

I motivate you to check it out! New users are totally welcome and encouraged! (new to either the forum or coding!)

Thanks for reading this! Get back to reading those links! If you still would like to share articles that can be helpful, as well as your own personal tips, be sure to do that. Even though they cannot be added to the physical topic, you just adding to the conversation and replying will still help a ton of newer users!


Hi all!
I was directed to a topic by @WynterDiamond, saying that it would be a perfect addition to this topic!! As you may know this topic can unfortunately no longer be edited, however I will link it here so that you can still read it and check it out. Thank you to @William04GamerA for the recommendation. The topic is about what to post about, and is very well-written and clear.

If you find other cool topics that are helpful for rookies, or even veterans, be sure to let me know by tagging me or let me know in this topic!

Continue to link this topic to others and share!! Thank you!



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You can ask a moderator to put if on “Global edit”. That would make it possible for you to edit the topic at any time. Although, that would also make it possible for all users to edit the top post, which hopefully will work without anyone deleting something (there is an “editing history” if you need to recover your work)

However, the current moderators are THT, so you would probably have to send an email to them.


I would like to gain access to edit it again, however I feel like I have already bothered THT too much, and emailing them for something like this would be trivial…

Oh well, it is what it is. I think this topic is still a great resource for new forumers, whether new topics can be added to it or not,


THT are here to help, so I’m sure that you haven’t bothered them to much. Although, if you feel like you don’t need to have the topic on global edit, you could just skip emailing them. You and others can still reply to this topic :slight_smile:


Bump! This is very helpful to new users!


Thank you so much!!!


Hi everyone!
I just wanted to share a few topics here: they aren’t really helpful, but they are interesting and I think worth reading. They all have to do with the forum/hopscotch being dead, and I think they are worth a read.

That last topic is mine, that I made 6 or so months ago. A few of these topics are older, but I still think they apply!

Thank you to anyone who linked this topic to newbie intro topics! That is what I wanted: for newcomers to read this topic and gain insight from all of the links I shared. Although @tankt2016 and many others have been constantly sharing this topic, I did want to revive it and add some newer topics to it that can help! If anyone has any suggestions, please go to my GT and tag me, and I will post that topic here and tag you!

Also, at the very end of the original topic I had a few tips. If anyone else has tips, post them here, and maybe we can discuss them. Thanks again! :smile:


Thank you for featuring my article!


Here is a great topic, discussing SBYP-ing! Perfect for newcomers who have NO idea what this acronym means!



Also, you can check out this topic that was made by me! It was meant to be a hopscotch spin-off of this topic! It has some great coding tips and links to help you get started on Hopscotch! :slightly_smiling_face:

@the_dancer (me)


Here is another topic I came across:

It is kind of funny because THIS topic (must read for new users) is linked in the topic I just shared. However, I think some of the tips and questions that are answered are really helpful for new users!!



I have yet another great topic for newcomers:


It is a safe space and general area to ask questions and help! I can help you out on there, and there are a lot of other great hopscotchers there too! I recommend it if you have a serious question and just need a safe area to get good answer.