Musical theater collab



I really love musicals, and I want to do a collab with someone who also likes musicals (specifically Hamilton, but anything is fine.) Please reply if you like musicals and you like to code and know the basics of coding music.


I'll join this collab!


Oh, cool, do you like musical theater?


Yes! I love it! (I preform a lot)


Cool! What musicals do you like? I was thinking of doing a song from one of them in Hopscotch.


I like ones like Hairspray.


Do you like Grease? How about Hamilton? The Music Man? Wicked? Those are some of my personal favorites.


My school did the musical Aida and I heard it was really good.


I like those to! \ (•◡•) /


Cool! So, let's do a song from one of those musicals, and maybe a game, unless you have any other ideas.


Which one! Hairspray, Wicked, ect.


I think it would be cool as a game like your part of the musical and your running late so you have to leave the house go downtown and that the music theater and that's the goal of the game to be on time.


Should I make the account? I can do something to share the password except no one else will see it!


Am I in this collab?


Yes, I think so! @EsteemedTrout?


Oh cool I think right if @EsteemedTrout says I'm in


It would be great to have more people! @Cool you're in.
I had an idea for Wicked: You have to do Glinda's make up in 30 seconds. We could have Popular as the background music. That's all I could think of.
I like @Cool 's idea, though.


Yeah, please could you make the account.
I'm already managing 3 accounts!


I have an idea that involves @Cool 's idea and one of my own. So imagine this... You're the star of Wicked, you're playing Elpheba. You are running late to the theater, and you only have a few minutes to get there. You have to dodge your fans, who desperately want to get your autograph by tapping them. If you bump into a fan, you lose 10 seconds off the timer. The goal is to get to the theater before the time is up.


That's a really "cool" idea