Musical Talents!



Okay so we have the drawing and photography topic so why not a music topic? A lot of us play music in real life so why not post our music here? Maybe even as a challenge you could try to make your music in hopscotch! Now, I know hopscotch doesn't support videos so here is what I do. I made a scratch account and it has a record feature, so I just record my music on their then publish it! Then you press "embed" and copy the link onto here! That is just what I do to get my music on here. So go ahead let your musical talents be free!


@Anonymous actually made a topic about this xD


I think it is called something like Music on paper compared to an iPad


Is this topic still okay to have and use or should I recycle it? Its up to you @Anonymous.


I kind of think it's exactly the same as Anonymous's topic. What I do is I have a YouTube account where I make videos only I and people with a link can see.


It's fine lol
More music topics the merrier


Thank you @Anonymous! I'm glad it was okay with you.

@Kitchster1, Welcome to the forum! I see your getting of on a rough start. You seem to be posting a lot of random stuff on topics. I think the forum would really appreciate it if you could stop. I really don't enjoy these things on mine or others topics.


It is now


Oops spell correct (also a "ruff" is a type of bird.)


Yes, i know that. I said my spell correct set it to ruff instead of rough
Anyways lets get back on topic and post some music! :smiley: :musical_score:


Some Of My Music!

Any Music Requests?

Yes I know my mic is very bad. That explains the terrible background noise and such.
Here is my profile for more music!


Another Cover :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


New Cover!


That's... A lot of covers...

Phosphorus y u no volume? ;-;


Lol yep and they are all terrible! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Piano Cover