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DISCLAIMER: Urie is NOT my last name. I just really like Brendon Urie <3
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Hello, Hopscotch! 'Tis Emily Urie (Brendon Urie) yet again. I was thinking that maybe if anyone's free, we could do a collab that is our favorite band themed. All collabers can choose 3 favorites. Mine are Pentatonix, Panic! At The Disco, and Twenty One Pilots. So, please feel free to join at any time, and help me get my Hopscotch Mojo back!
'Ya Pal,
ElegantAngelEmily, KoalaKoder60 (my new account), Emily Urie :two_hearts:
EDIT: There is no deadline :slight_smile:


Legit, anyone can come :heart:




ikr theyre da bestest


YeS HahayauyqywyhahUiIzuzu


have u heard of panic at the disco @Strawberryunicorn


Yep. Only one person in the band, right?


Yes, Brendon Urie. @Strawberryunicorn