Music while Hopscotching?


Do any of you listen to music while coding or drawing? I sometimes do. Post your favorite music to listen to while coding or drawing here! My favorite music to listen to has to be One Direction or Parry Gripp.

I know @LotsaPizza @OrangeScent1 @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf @iReesesCup all said they do.

FLAGGERS!!! This topic does have to do with Hopscotch and coding. This is just the music we listen to while using Hopscotch or drawing.


I also like listening to this music, this one is my personal favorite


I think this is finale... anyways, I LOVE this one! Also...



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I also find the legend of zelda nice to listen too.


Randomly throughout the day I find myself just randomly singing his songs for no reason whatsoever.


This is mah jam


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Except I don't think it works...
My favorite songs are house/progressive house oriented, dubstep and future bass also work fine however.


Yes, TS is awesome, but this music video is AMAZING
10/10, deserves a Grammy.


Mom's Spaghetti kept him going


My fav band! Lol I'm literally listening to it now


Maze Runna Moosic 4 life


I listen to podcasts while I code. I really recommend StarTalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson and IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat. For music, I listen to video game soundtracks, like Portal, Smash Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy. Also, some Bestles, Queen, Macklemore, and Imagine Dragons are always good choices!


THG is still BAE


Go DubVision, Martin Garrix, Vicetone, DVBBS, and Jay Hardway.

#17 My ultimate favorite, because it has CATS ** and **CAKE. I love those. Especially, cats. I love cats and cake.


lel hunger games music 4 life


Yes my friend.


I need to put you under the Swipe and convince you that THG is not that cool and TMR is BAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
especially newtie