MUSIC WARS accpetance kinda



So im making a movie kinda called MUSIC WARS heres a like a flyier for it

like it would be related to starwars characters would be revolved around starwars characters I would appear as chillana I would be revolved around Luke and called sugarisyummy
If you want to join name who you are relvoved around
Who you appear as and your hopscotch user name!


That's sounds awesome! Good luck! :wink:


Amazing! I would do it, except I don't know any Star Wars characters. Please tell, me when it's done!


Okay I can list them:
Princess liea:A great warrior general of new republic
Han solo:pilot of the mulinmal(sorry about incorrect spelling)falcon friends with Chewbacca:a wookie great at war
Darth Vader:a imperial leader very strong
Ok @tankt2016 (i tryed to not give any spoilers)


Okay, how about a character revolving around Princess Leia?


Ok which hopscotch character?


Star Girl?


Okay great!thank you! Liea is now filled!