Music Trial <F4LO Production>



So, I am trying to make a piece that will be touching to the heart. It's not done yet, but is this good? Just need opinions

  • Yes, I love it!
  • No, sounds weird



Why is the audio not working?


Are you almost done with the music for the drawing pad? It's perfectly fine if your not.


Sorry bout that! I'm currently doing @Curved_Guitar's, but he didn't reply yet.

I'll start yours. Can you send me to latest draft?


Is it working now?! 202022


@UptownStudios I can't find the draw pad, where is it?


@Follow4LikesOfficial I have not published a draft of the pad. If you create the music and publish it I can import it into the pad. Thank you!


Ok how about you choose a piece on my account?


Could I use "Heaven?" I really like that one.


@Follow4LikesOfficial I'm here :sweat_smile: I was in the er all last night because of my fractured wrist. But I'm here now!




It's ok. For the music on your soccer game, can you choose one of my already made musics? If not, that's fine


I can look... Why what's up?


For the soccer game, didn't you want me to make u music?


Yeah if you can :smile:


So can you look in my channel and find one they you like? If you don't like any I'll make you another one


@OrangeScent1 thx for the spam


It's fine you don't need to make one, my soccer game isn't popular enough anyways.


How do you know? Maybe it will get into featured.never be negative!


Maybe, you never know I guess but I gave it my best work and didn't seem to make a difference... We'll see where it goes to.