Music to Hopscotchify?!



Hello, here comes a Hopscotcher that you barely know!
Oh well, I could care less about popularity.

I have been looking all over the Internet and have not found one song to Hopscotchify!

I need some ideas, I'm getting ready to do my favorite song already, so cross that off.

It's called Dreamin Chuchu.

Oh yeah, and it can be any song!
I do like Vocaloid as best...

And keep the ideas coming!
Or you can just use this to post music, and possibly I'll Hopscotchify it as a surprise.

Let's listen!


Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing it! :3


It's going to come out tomorrow!
I have lots of work to do.


shocked :scream: It's coming out tomorrow! Yaaaaayyyyyy I'll follow you right away and tomorrow morning I'll go to the following tab and see the awesome piece of music!


Ugh, timing, lyrics, English ver... Right notes.
Too much code, for this artist.


I know! What about count on me by Bruno Mars!!


What kind of music do you want to hopscotchify? (Pop, RnB, Rock etc.)


Out of those, I would choose pop
But we're going just in general here.

(Ugh, I don't make sense right now.)


Great idea!

I'm going to put that on my list, but I almost finished a song today!
And I'm gonna publish it today.
Argh, so much to do!