Music tips and help for beginners


I made my first music piece on hopscotch. Any tips for creating music?

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Um... be patient! Music is kind of hard to make!


Try @PopTart0219's music maker. It's very helpful. Also, could you post a link to your music, I'm on my laptop right now.


Here it is


I don't usually make music but I'd say putting chords in makes it sound cool.:wink:


Im terrible at making music. I made tunes before, but those were just random notes that sounded good together. I have never even made one public song before.


I suggest start by coding a really simple tune like Mary had a Little Lamb and eventually you can learn new techniques and make really amazimg songs!


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Try writing the music out in an actual staff, then setting values for eigth, quarter, half, and whole notes. Then, simply transfer what you wrote from the sheet music, to hopscotch!

Of you need help on inspiriation, that's pretty hard to get. Try hopscotchifiying (wow... I just wrote that) sheet music that you find on Google or whatever with the tips above!


I don't make music but I have some tips

Follow piano books

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Thank you everyone!!


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@bluedogmc-official The best advice I have is to start simple. I always examine the different types of music and the different ways to code it. Heres an example of some music I'm workin on...
I hoped this helped!


@Follow4LikesOfficial is a music master on hopscotch...bluedogmc you should ask him for tips


Thanks for the advice! Ps. I gave you a shoutout on my account


@Follow4LikesOfficial?? Any tips?