Music soundtrack topic


Thought this might help. Post music below and code for people to use if they want to. You can make it free to use or you have to have credits. I also might work on a Minecraft song.


Oh, a music code sharing topic? Cool!

Anyone have any good songs for a project I’m working on?


I can make some in my free time. What kind of game are you making? Like what genre so I can properly make the notes and tone of the soundtrack


I’m making an iPad game, so pretty much anything.
I’d like to add a wide genre of songs to it. Idk maybe something upbeat?


Ok. I can make something

Also, here’s a link to an online piano that’s pretty useful, if you need a piano to figure out the notes, to code the music.


I’d love to help, but my specialty is more in the side of clones, math blocks and variables, e.t.c. If you ever want any help with something like that, tag me!
(In my opinion you should just wait until HS make a music update. The system currently is not particulary useful. I reckon they should add volume, and length of note, and more variety in notes, and more instruments, and… well… a lot of stuff.) (Ahem@Ana @Rodrigo. Ahem)

Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!
Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!

I’m looking for some smooth jazz for my geometry dash game that will be made in the future on HS…


Cool topic!
I’ll post some stuff here later


So I coded the Imagine Dragons song Demons in this project (btw the song is FTU with credit, and all the rest isn’t FTU) in the key of D and due to Hopscotch’s music it came out pretty choppy.




Could you do Lancer’s theme from Deltarune, please?


who You asking?


I can




Can you code a remix of Kevin MacLeod’s “Stringed Disco”?