Music Requests!



Any music requests? Request here for F4LO! :D I might not have time to do every single request though. Thanks!

@OrangeScent1 @Gilbert189 @CreativeCoder @LotsaPizza @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219


Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde pls?


Darude—Sandstorm pls?


I bet you saw that edit XD


Maybe "stressed out" by 21 pilots? XD


Yes, I did...
pls dun hat


Never heard of it lol


@Follow4LikesOfficial I think you should make a popular song or maybe do a random tune thing.

P.S. My friends think you changed your name to Anonymous did you? (I know off topic)


Cool idea! Heard that before and befive



In hopscotch? Yeah I'm "Anonymous".


The theme song of Malcolm in Middle!
If not that Clairity by ZEDD feat. Foxes


Ohhhhhhhh that makes so much more sense


Ok maybe you can do one of my favorite Chandiler by Sia


Red orange yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart
We're in the start of what we want to end
They used to shout my name now they whisper it

Lorde is amazing <3


Did I start you love for Lorde with this picture?



I love that picture, but no I loved her before that :D


Lol sure, but it took me 1 week to code that, and copying the code is really hard XD




Here is da link

Sorry about not doing the link thing I'm on my phone you'll just have to copy and paste it. (I'm not near my iPad)