Music requests?



Hey guys! I recently published my first music project in Hopscotch:
It was really fun to work on, and I've fallen in love with music! But... I don't have enough ideas. I was wondering if there was any songs that you guys wanted me to do? Classical, rock, pop, I'm open to any genre! (Although my favorite is ragtime/classical)

So, if you have any songs you want, feel free to post them here!


You could make something slow and happy but atmospheric.


Could you make a theme song of this video game I like?


The X-Files Theme! ^_−☆


Sure! What's the name?

@GysvANDRegulus That's an awesome idea! Might take a bit, I have to arrange the notes first because there doesn't seem to be a piano version out there.

@AHappyCoder Currently working on composing a piece like that!


The legend of zelda, my fave video game XD


Can you do home by Philip Philips?!




How did you put that thing next to your user? I know it's the title, but how did you change it?
(I know this is off-topic, just curious)


BuildaSnowman? He's a mod so he can do basically whatever XD


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How do I craft this again?
(a song, not random quote aboutto be flagged DX)


Dude/girl your really good at music, I started following you. Your awesome man/mam, keep making that awesome music.


I did a Zelda medley!

Next I'm going to work on Chopin Ballade no. 1 or some piece I compose, but keep the requests coming! You guys have some great ideas! (Currently my list of songs: Ballade 1, Home by philip phillips, X files theme)
@seawolfwerehorse @Stampys_fans I'll check out those songs and see what I can do with them! They sound awesome!


Omg, I love the medley, its awesome

I wish I could like more XD

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