Music Request for Anyone who can take it and WILL take it



Hey! I need music for a quiz I'm making. I already tried some music and failed miserably. It's to a certain song. I will share the song below.
This quiz is a character quiz. I'm thinking for the music to be just on the title screen. So just a little sliver of the following song that will sound good replayed.

Any part is fine. If any if you musicians can help, that would be great! Thanks,


Can you make the song everybody wants to rule the world, could I help you with it??!!


I made the music for THG game! I'll make the TMR one! :grinning:


I can't find the notes for that song :cold_sweat:, can I do beating heart?


Okay, sure! But I would REALLY appreciate this song!! :grin: (The Maze Runner Theme Song Thingy)
Can you do this, then?

What's Next by John Paesano
Also, this is the project


Thanks for inviting me, but I dunno. I don't know those songs.