Music Presentation coming soon!



Want information on music? No worries! I am going to make a presentation. The presentation will cover:
What is music
Music pieces in hopscotch
How to make music
Music competitions
Types of music competitions

Coming out soon!
MVPs in the presentation: @BuildASnowman @Follow4LikesOfficial @Rawrbear

Music Presentation!

Cools! I'll be waiting for it!


Can't wait, gonna help me a lot @Anonymous


I can't wait! I'm c.rap at figuring out notes and when to time things.


Is it Google slides? I'd love to help! :D


It's explain everything lol


Explain everything is annoying...
And this will help ALOT. I didn't realize how hard it is to hopscotchify music until I tried it...


please help us
i used this because i wanted dan and phil on at least one of my posts


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OMG you do explain everything too! I will GBOT this seems awesome!


Okay! :slight_smile:


Guys, it's not gonna cover any music lessons XD


Dis is gonna be awesome! I can't wait!


I already saw the presentation in a different topic but YAY! :joy: