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Hi! I know, I've created so much music topics. I've decided on these songs, please choose,


They are all on YouTube. The last two beautiful classical/Rock piano pieces. Check them out. Imagine is a very emotional song by John Lennon.

  • Imagine-John Lennon
  • Croatian rhapsody-Makism Mrvica
  • Victory -Tony Hujic



P.S. You spelt the last artist's name wrong.


Thanks! And sorry, :stuck_out_tongue: I wrote the names from my very mixed up memory



And other peeps!


K Idk John Lennon?


K but please watch all of them, they are all amazing


I cant watch them because of school ipad. But ive heard John Lennon's Imagine, so i guess that one.:yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ill watch them tomorrow


Lol I was about to start to work on playing "Imagine" on the piano but I chose a different song instead.
Anyways, I'm on a school iPad now but I will definitely watch the videos and vote later!


Why did you tag me?:grey_question::question::grey_exclamation:


Need data, read the first post of this thread


Sir sprinkles plays it on piuano I play it on guitar!


Ok, let's not get off topic k? I just need some data :slightly_smiling:


Okay but why did you tag me?


I like imagin!!!!!!!!



So you know me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It looks like Makism's is s majority! I'll try to do it, but it's not going to be that long and advanced! (I'll try to do a little tidbit)


I did but I still don't know why you tagged me!


Do you mean this victory?