Music please? PLEASE?


Can someone please make the song Shake it Off for me so I can use it for an addition to my draw pad?
@Follow4LikesOfficial I have a hunch you'll be great at it.


Orangescent, I was tagged, you didn't need to invite me :stuck_out_tongue:

Le human logic


I might try to do it later


Nevertheless! Will you do it for me?


Idk, I'll try? Me is busy

I procrastinate A LOT sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:


You can make music? Cool.


Yes I can, I will try to do it soon.


Are you guys working on Shake it Off? I need it.


Want me to try? I'm okay at music making.


Okay. You can try, but please.


@friendship2468, sorry I can't. :frowning: But I can do half of it, if @Gilbert189 or @Ihasfluffycupcakes makes it, I can remix it with chords (if they don't add chords, that is)