Music Pad (coming soon)



I made a short demo with three notes.
Tap the screen to add a red dot in a row.
When play is tapped the transparent black lines moves across the screen and a notes played when it's x position is equal to the red dots x position and the dots y position determines what tone is played.
I'm too busy working on other projects so anyone is welcomed to add to and finish this project by adding the other notes.
@Rawrbear This might interest you.
Try this new link


This is where the link goes...


I like it! Good Job! This Project Is Going to be awesome!




Cool! But it lags very bad and then when it plays the note, it sounds to note over and over again with static....But it is a great concept :D


There's no bar now but the notes are played.
The problem is when the screens tapped to make a clone sometimes 2,3,4
clones are made at the tapped area instead of just one.
I faced this problem a while ago but forgot the solution to this problem.
Can either of you remix this and fix it so only 1 clone is made when the screens tapped.
This seems to be the only problem.
There's no lag so far with the change in code I did to remove the bar.
Each clones speed is set at it's X location when made.
I made a SOUND value that starts at 0 when PLAY is tapped and increases in value till it reaches 1024.
When the SOUND value equals the cloned dots SPEED value, the clones y position is checked and a notes played.
@oio can you fix the problem so only 1 clone is made when the iPad's tapped?
I tried wait 200ms before making clone and wait 200 ms after making clone and it hasn't fixed the problem of multiple clones stacking when the iPad's tapped.


When there is 2 sounds at the same time it lags with static and it freezes my iPad!


Thats probably because 2 or more clones are made when the screens tapped instead of just 1.
The first link works better i think.


Sorry if it's too late, I'm just now seeing this.

Prior to looking at the code, a suggestion that I would make is that you only create a clone of the original, base-level object, in the "when_ is tapped" (or whatever) rule. One way that I do that, routinely, is to use an "if" statement, in order to identify a specific attributes of the base object. For example, I will often set the invisibility of the base object to 100%. Then, on a tap event or some other event, I will put the "create a clone" block inside of an "if invisibility% = 100". I believe the same approach can be used with "speed" or even position to uniquely identify the one object that you wish to clone.

Hopefully, that made some sense.


Thanks. I totally forgot about the clones making clones of themselves.
Because I use Tynker allot.
I did as you said having the original invisible and checking 100% invisibility before a clone is made. This works perfect now at the moment.
Now I have to add the other tones.
I'll post a link when it's ready.


I am glad to hear that the problem was relatively straightforward to fix and that the suggestion helped.


New version out now.(see music pad v1.0 topic)
With 13 tones and 2 sound beats with adjustable speeds.
AND NO LAG!!! (thanks to a code reminder from @oio)
I think ppl will enjoy using it.

A pic of current progress
All that's left to do is choose a sound effect for the second sound beat.
And maybe some thin vertical lines every 25 pixels for a visual aid
The first sound beat is a CLAP


This has got to hit game changers! :smiley:


Thanks for encouragement, but I didn't find this difficult to do except when I forgot about clones cloning themselves. I've had a small draft for a long while now sitting idle and decided to use it for this project.


Way to go, @Stradyvarious. Once again, creative coolness from you!

@oio here's the finished version


Yep. I know. I checked it out, about one minute after you published it. :slight_smile:


That's so awesome! It should get game changers or featured!


i'm concerned somethings gone wrong.
i don't have my ipad at the moment.
can u test it out to see if only the amount of taps you make are played.
example tap the screen 13 times to place 13 dots.
can you play and listen if more than 13 sounds play.
Thanking you if you can.
please report back here if somethings gone wrong
@smishsmash @Rawrbear


I'll do it asap! :smile:

:wink: (Winky face challenge)