Music needed for new game



Well we're making a game called adventures of Jeff, but we need music so we're asking if anyone can provide music
Music needed:
1. Battle music
2. Shop music
3. Adventure travel music
4. Dungeon & temple music
5. Achievement music
If there is more than one person who wants to be in one of these categories there WILL be a poll on who I will decide


@Intellection74 just wondering if you have the music done with?


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Sure since there is so much music needed


Anyone want to make music


I think I can help, Be warned that I'm not very good as others :sweat_smile:


Sure you can help @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf


Ok, when my Ipad starts charging I'll work on the Battle music or Dungeon and Temple music


Okay thanks for your your help


You can use my can can music on my profile if you want. :slightly_smiling:


Okay we'll check it out.


Finished quiz finally