Music Lab: Create music! (2 spaces left!) 😁



Hello, Hopscotchers! This is a club for anyone who likes to create music! These songs can be used for anyone's game if they are making one, but you have to credit the maker. I am only accepting 5 people, so join quick! There are no requirements, unless you don't like music, which why would you be in this topic?
If you'd like to join, email jonnypappas02@g (no spaces) the following:
Favorite food
Favorite Color
Favorite Video Game

Whose in?:


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Sure, I can add you in! Just remember to email me!


I'll invite @snoopy and @MAGMAPOP if you like?
(oops to late...)


@JonnyGamer I cant email but my favorite food is

- cat + s
my favorite color is BLUE
and my favorites video game are forza horizon, forza horizion2, forza motorsport1 forza motorsport2
forza motorsport3 forza motorsport4 forza motorsport5 forza motorsport6, project cars, project spark, ari and the blind forest, peggle and peggle2.


Hmm? What do you mean by too late?


I wanna join

Food: Rawon
Colour: Green
Game: Minecraft (duh

I'm good in music...


Because I did the @ before so they get a notification!


I'll get the email to everyone around tomorrow. I'm quite busy