Music Kit :D :)


I'm finally done with my project, it's just a piano, but still! XD

What was your favorite?

  • piano
  • musics
  • other




Omg it's amazing!!
I hope it gets on featured!


Thanks :smiley: imagine and the emotional music are new

The piano is kinda bad tho


This is awesome!! Wow!! Love the songs!!


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Thanks! I wish it could sonund better, if hopscotch could add a "hold note" for ___ seconds


this is so cool!! great job @Follow4LikesOfficial this is going on my fav projects list


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:open_mouth: I play clarinet and piano

I used to play recorder cuz it was part of our school curriculum


We also had the recorder requirements

It would be awesome if there were more instruments and more sound blocks @liza @ian


I asked via email, they said they wouldn't be working on sound blocks until a long time ;-;


YAS that would be an awesome block


DAAAA ya better have some great things coming, then, Hopscotch Team!


I'm planning to improve it, maybe with chords, tempo, and even more songs


What would you like to see in the next version?

  • MOAR Songs
  • Metrenome
  • Chords
  • Everything above
  • delete project and leave hopscotch



Can I do something like this? I'll give you credit!

Edit: sorry I didn't know where the above came from :wink:


? The poll?



I played all of the songs, and I LOVE them all! They are super amazing and I could tell you spent a lot of work on it!


Lol thanks but


It only took me 1 hr :stuck_out_tongue: I hope there isn't any bugs/wrong notes


That's still a lot of time. :slightly_smiling: