Music in hopscotch

(definitely been a while since i’ve posted a topic on the forum, so please inform me if suggestion topics are looked down upon. looked on both tags and it seemed like it’s okay)

the gist of this topic is that when coding music in hopscotch, whether it be as background music for a game or just for a project itself (@GweTV makes some fantastic music mashups that utilize the static note length shockingly well), hopscotch has every note you could possibly want- which is great! it’s simple to code chords and short songs as well as being able to dictate the time between each standard quarter note using miliseconds.

where it gets slightly problematic is when note length comes into play, which can make it difficult to code more complicated songs without it sounding clunky/off. here are a few features that would really help out music-oriented coders:

  • set tempo and time signature options- these options make it so that coders wouldn’t have to dictate time between notes manually nor would they have to dictate which note gets the most prevalent beat. (ex. “when game starts, when ____ note is played, when ___ is pressed, set tempo to ____”)

  • set note length option/rests- this option would make it so that notes in the app have varying lengths depending on which the coder chooses as well as choices for rests between notes. (ex. half note/rest, quarter note/rest, sixteenth note/rest)

  • different instrumental sounds to provide greater variation in the color of coded music. tone is a huge part of music! varying instruments would make it much easier for coders to make it clear which genre they are trying to present to viewers. (ex. guitar, violin family, trumpet, woodwinds, drums such as timpani)

obviously it’s tough to make such great changes, especially considering the simplicity of the music choices in hopscotch right now. however i think music is a really intellectually stimulating thing and making hopscotch even more accessible for young musicians will only strengthen budding artists. if you made it to the end of this, thanks for reading. please add any suggestions i may have not mentioned !!


Cool i really like these ideas

Set tempo already exists in the advanced editor but time signature would be nice. I think you can also choose length of music note too in the advanced editor

Yea we need this


i don’t have pro so unfortunately i don’t know what the advanced editor looks like :(( glad to hear that note length and tempo supposedly exist!


We need this, I’d like the music to be similar to GarageBand.

I regularly use GarageBand and I think hopscotch is extremely plain compared to that.

@Ref this topic sounds okay to me!


Me too! It’s a bit annoying without it isn’t it?

Not having all of those scenes whatever they are like. And just having the boring basic music :((

It’s too boring and basic


I like the idea :3


I really like this idea! I’m pretty sure this topic is ok.


I believe some of these features already exist in advanced mode (set tempo and rest), but I really love the idea of having different instrumental sounds.

(by the way, this topic is very much allowed. suggestions are always welcome :D)


nope, unfortunately

there are multiple instruments though


Oh :frowning: I barely remember the advanced editor for me


I have advanced mode. There’s set tempo (default is 120), set instrument (default is piano, there are 7 to choose from), and play note (which has a 3 octave range instead of the traditional 2 octaves in start sound). There’s also object traits like tempo and instrument.

Being able to set the length of the notes played would be nice though…


this is a good idea, but remember that hopscotch is a coding app, so GarageBand might be a little too simple.

as for the topic, i think we also need set volume - i’d love it if i could make chords quieter than the melody, or vice versa.


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Made a new topic for discussing music-making generally, since this topic is mainly for the feature requests in Hopscotch.

Maybe instead of adding instruments, add an harmonic interface!!!


maybe a sythn wave option aswell


Most important problem when it comes to music in hs is the lag


^^ yes
even with all these cool features, if the multiple-note lag continues, less experienced users who dont want to use strings & stuff will never be able to make anything with chords!


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