Music I Listen To While I Am Coding



My first playlist. This is for easy acess for all them peoples. Also @Kiwicute2013 or @Liza are we allowed to share soundclouds?

Add your own music to it!


Theres already something like this .-.


This is my own personal version. This is for me to show my own music off. Differences. @MrHotdog64


Please delete the omg ones.



I go to iHeart Radio and listen to imagine Dragons as a custom station


Hey maybe lets refrain from calling people you little poop

It might hurt his feelings even though it's kind of funny


Not really.

Like even as in the joking way those types of jokes aren't funny.:confused:


Becuase of the title...


What do you mean the joining way

I didn't think what he said was funny, I thought it was funny how he randomly said it which no one ever does here




Dude, I like the songs and that is my own playlist and ur not me dad.


Guys add your own music to the playlist. Trust me, you can.


If we're allowed to share YTs, SCs could be allowed but it's up to @Liza!


Mkay. delete yo posts about this.


Mods can see deleted posts you know


Ikr bruh. So others cannot see them and get triggered.


Well we aren't allowed to have outside communication unless we know each other irl


Guess what. idc. I :heart: DC


So you don't care if you get suspended.
Good for you


I would rather be suspended.