Music help (it's the timing)


I need to know the amount of time for music notes (piano) for a song. Can someone please help me?

Can you guys help?


What do you mean? I know you didn't tag me, but I can help. Do you want to know about beats? I don't understand what you're asking for...


Do you have sheet music for it?


Hmmm Like i can make a trickster
Normal note:500 (wait time)
Half note:800
Whole note:1000
Eight note:200
3 like 3 notes in a row with a 3 on top:250


Nope. I created it myself. I think yours may be the best @Sugarisyummy!


It depends on the tempo of the song. All you have to do is find how long you want 1 quarter note, and then a half note is double a quarter note, a whole note is double a half note, and an eight note is half a quarter note.


Thanks for the help!