Music help! Calling all music people!



I made a random piece of music. (link here)-
And it's not very good. I need help. How can it improve my music? Any music tips?


People who I think will be helpful:


I can't listen to it right now! (In class... :grimacing:) However, I'll listen to it later! I'm sure it's great, thanks for tagging me! :smile:


You're using the forum in class? What kinda class is this?


It's a free time (After a test.), but I can't disturb class.


Oh cool! I don't have school today because of snow!


If you are very advanced at coding music on HS you could try using values
I like to look up simple songs on youtube and copy it and then delete the project lol. Its a waste of time. { Just ignore the last part }
Keep working on your music and it will turn out great! If you fail then always try try again :joy: (Lame saying)


Do you play an instrument?


I played saxophone and electric guitar, but I had to stop because of sports and school.


Sorry! I'm no good at music!


It's ok! I just tagged you because you are always kind and helpful! Thanks anyway!


Thanks! I don't get that much. :slight_smile: