Music for my game contest--- credit will be given!

Hoi there matey
So basically I need some game music for my shopping game. Like some music you'd hear in a regular game on the App Store. I need somewhat relaxing music, but also has a fun vibe to it. Make your music and give me a link in this topic. The best music will be in my shopping game and will be given credit in the game.


Oh I have made a shopping game before.

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I'm working so hard on mine it's gonna be really fun when it comew out. It should come out in January. Anyways, I need some music for it.

If its good enough it will probably get on featured and you have a better chance if you put music. But sorry I am not good with music


But I really do need music

Jingle bells? Will that be a good choice?

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It's not a Christmas game tho

Okay, I didn't know that.


Get the music from Mario and Luigi dream team

Nonononononono get dolphin shoals yes omg

I can't make music though I don't know how

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