Music for Beta!



I tried making music on the beta version! :D

@Liza I have an idea. What if someone could make music, and that could be a cloud ability that everyone can use! :D


I really like that idea! Agreed!


That would be awesome! Wait does that mean you can upload music from the cloud to hopscotch?


You know the abilities that you get in every new project? Like "spin, change color, etc.) what if there was one for music?


Ohhh okay! :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone? xD


That would be pretty awesome! Cloud abilities for each user that can be used everywhere! :D


Music cloud ability! :0 -mind blown-


I'm not sure if you understood what I said up there^^! I meant that each user could make their own abilities, then other people could use the abilities that other people made in their projects, and it doesn't have to be just for music! :smiley:


Yes, but you probably didn't read my topic correctly either XD


Are there different music notes??


No :frowning: except for the low c


I cri evrytiem

It won't work in web player, and I don't have beta.



Darn :\

But at least they added low c so I don't always have to hack it :smiley:



Don't cri child! D:

Gives spare likes