>>>>>Music<<<<< <F4LO


So I know @MagmaPOP is making random tunes, I even have some of my own but I don't want to steal.

I don't know what to make for music! Does anyone have any ideas? If so, please reply, and if you can, post the music so I can hopscotchify it


I'm making music for my draw pad, maybe you can add chords to it? I'll give the link when I'm finished


Oh do a popular song! Like t swift and 1D!! I did hanging tree from the hunger games!




I don't really listen to pop music :confused:


So? Hopscotch does!


Hopscotch listens to pop music? I don't get it.


62% of America listens to pop music hopscotch is 4 kids and kids like pop music. Simple.


But hopscotch is an app it is not a human


When f4lo takes things too seriously...


I don't I like classical. Only some exceptions


Only pop artist I will adore is Taylor Swift
Dont judge, she's awesome


So... Any music I should do? .—.

  • Emotional Music (sad)
  • Weird music
  • Energetic Music
  • Pop music
  • Remixesof Hopscotchified music
  • other



I'm doing the same thing like you @Follow4LikesOfficial

The only issue is that no one came up to do the latest one (long ago). So, I did whatever song that popped into my head...


Umm why would it poop in your head? Check your post


Aye aye ! TYPO ALERT!


At first I was like


Okay.. Fixed.. That auto correct though... Won't let me say my words properly...


Ok, back on topic

What "pop music" should I do?

No, rapping is not possible :3