Music Dedication



@Gilbert189 here ya go

Feedback pls @Rawrbear


@Rawrbear pls
This is also mah entry for the 1v1
I did it in one day
Yours is due tomorrow


It is? O_o

Okey, I'm almost done anyway!

Also, I don't have headphones and I'm in school, so I can't listen to it :\


Totally offtopic but.....


Wow, this is really, really, REALLY beautiful. I am going to learn and play this on the piano :stuck_out_tongue:


Same! now, i just have to remember how to play...


waits for @Gilbert189's response


LOL, but: you gotta GBOT!


It's so good!

Really emotional and beautiful!

I didn't think that the rain sounds could make anything sound better, but you proved me wrong! :smile: