Music creator game on HS!



I was eating while thinking: “what will my next game be about?” And then i thought “I can code a music creator game!” I want to put different features on it:

Music genres

*Hip Hop
(Feel free to request any other genre!)

Different beats (according to the genre selected)

Hard, slow, swing, etc.


Quick, catchy, slow, impacting, etc.

And others according to genre

  • Also you can make and record your song on a piano (which will also be on the game)

  • And you can select the tempo you want!
    Should I make it? More suggestions? Questions? Anything?


Oh wow, that might get game changers if it’s good enough!!
What’s dubstep, edm, and trap music?
Also maybe there could be rock and waltz music or something!


Good idea!


Thx for your suggestion! :blush:
But I’ll keep dubstep and EDM since they’re some of my favorite genres
(Both electronic)


Add in metal? And rock?

Oh and super (sic) topic + idea


Wha…? What’s going on now? I don’t get what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it…


Good idea! Can you tag me to it when you’re done?


Pre recorded beats that you can use


I totally agree with that!


That’s a cool idea!