Music contest for game "Would You Rather?"


Hey ya'll I am holding a music contest for a game it's called would you rather a simple pass and play game people who I would like to join


Thanks! From the fluffy bear


Well anyone can join though!


Can I try and make music? What kind do you want?


Kinda happy and exsiting!


crickets crickets anyone home knock knock! Time for tag list




Sorry. I am horrible at music making.


It's fine! I don't care!


Can I join I think I'm AMAZING!:wink:


Yes of course you can!


Yayy yay yay!202020202020202020202200


Sorry for the delayed reply; I am very busy this week!
Unfortunately I have already been booked for a load of judging competitions and participating in competitions! I am able to help, but cannot afford time to make music. @Follow4LikesOfficial is probably the best and most reliable source of music.
Thank you,
- Snoopy


Why would you tag ME for music??? I'm BAKA at it


I can make music for you! (There needs to be a music tag list)
Uh, I'll be at school so it'll be ready for you in about two days of less. Thanks!
(Unless you'd like to look at some that I've made on JonnyGamer profile)


I'm gonna try to compose my own


Great guys! thanks a lot!


Anyone else? I am in need!