Music Contest! (Credit in Mega Project, Please Enter)



Music Contest (self explanatory)
Please submit a link to a song you have made on hopscotch or a song you like that some one else made. Some entries will be used in a MEGA PROJECT I am creating. Thanks! @comicvillestudios @Follow4LikesOfficial @Snoopy


You can use any music you want in my collection


A Sky Full of Stars...


This is very off-topic, but...
@UptownStudios - Hey, I was hearing rumors that you are made up of @Rawrbear and @MobCraft... Is that true?
If it is, how did you guys get to know the password and email for your forum account? Where did you share it, because if you did, wouldn't everyone be able to log on to your account?


The answer is no. BearCraft is made up of me and @Rawrbear. @UptownStudios is @Phase_Admin and someone else.


@Snoopy @MobCraft Actually it's just me




I thought you were made up of BeanTheBean57 and someone else..?

EDIT: And Phase Studios..?


Duh (lel)


No he couldn't join (-。-; Now, please start talking about the contest or songs you have or people will flag