Music Competition


Hi! I need some music for my game called garden maker! Remix that project with music and you may win! Thank you!


I hopscotchified the can can if you want to use it. :smile:


I'll take a look! @Dude73


I will post the link, give me a second. :smile:


linky link link!


That's so cool! @Dude73 I might use it :D


What type of music do you like?




Doing a Spring Song…
Hold on…
You can leave out the elaborate smooth background…
I'll give you the link and you can save it as a draft if I win…


Ok, umm ask @SmileyAlyssa forhelp?


Okay, my Spring Song*:

*You can leave out the elaborate smooth background if you want, but it's Spring-themed, so you could use the code.
I created it.
And I made the music myself.
You can leave some of it out if it's glitchy.
And the bird tweet goes well with it.


That's so cool! I love it! I probobly will add tweets in the game so I'm going to take them out of the song if I use it but I love it! @tankt2016


Good for you!!!! Good job!!!!