Music Competition! (In Session)



Hello! I'm gonna host a music competition! Although I enjoy making my music, I want to publicize and teach others some music too!

If you want to join, type /join!

I would like:
to join. Others are welcome too!

What is the task?

I will decide later! We will be making some music :slight_smile:

Current Contestants



Sounds awesome, but I don't think I'll have time for it. Good luck! :wink:


I'll join


Can I join? : D


@XiaoMiaoMi and @RobotPro accepted! :D


Could I join? :D


I'm not very experienced in making music, but...

Why not? :D


Woah! I'm excepted!

I'm probably going to end up rummaging through piano music books.

Any idea of what kind of music we will have to make?
(I am not an experienced hopscotch musician)


It's ok! The whole point of this competition is to strengthen peeps' skill in music!
Every big blob was once a small blob


Yay, I'm in!
I dunno why I had to say this, but I'm happy so I just wanted to say I'm happy?
That made no sense...



I will destroy everyone else's songs into pieces! XD


Can I join??


Why not?


(reads tiny text)




Wait, so am I in or not? :sweat_smile:


Yeah, check the contestants thingy


Oh, okay! Thanks! :smile:

Making Darude Sandstorm XD

jk lol


I would love to join but I have so much going on that I don't have much time, but thanks for the offer!


Aww! I really want to join!
I'm so stressed! I can't join because I've joined a bajillion other competitions, but I REAALLY WANNA DO YOURS!!!


You can! It's gonna be in the course of like 30 days without a due date


I'll join for sure!

Also, I can't stop listening to your latest tune! I'm not kidding... I ate dinner listening to it, I rode the bus, i love it so much!!! :smile: