Murphy1's general topic II



You are American right?


Same lol.
Rojo, verde, amarillo, orangisomething, bleu (or is that the French word for blue)…


Yep, I also understand Filipino as well

And the memories from those Crayola crayons… I remember trying to read the Spanish and French names of all the colors ha


No it’s like azule

Wait idk I cant remember


Blue is “Azul”
I remember that from a kids’ show character somewhere and I think it’s from Dora…
I’m sure Azul was a train


Lol yeah bleu is French


Are you Filipino?
That would be cool to learn a language like that.






It has very confusing grammar to other languages

For example “Maganda ka” technically means “You are beautiful” but grammar included, its literal definition is “Beauitiful you are”


I could never learn a confusing language lol


The moon can be blue… maybe that’s when they get blue cheese?



I’m not super fluent in that language though, I can understand maybe 95% of a TV show set in that language
Do you have to learn a language in high school?


We don’t have to, but I am. Do you have to?
95% is pretty much fluent so stop :raised_hand:


Yeah we have to, it’s very annoying
You can take a test to skip World Language if you already know one…
My friend did that test on Filipino and passed so he didn’t have to take a language class


Yeah same for us.
What languages do they teach at your school?


Ooooooh my gosh

Cotillion is coming up


. I have to go study my Spanish now oof
bye for now