Murphy1's general topic II


Good one…
That’s actually a good line lol
When does/did school start?


Thank you!


Thank you!!!


Happy actual birthday!!


School started last Friday.


Thanks! I had a really bad birthday!


Oh did it go well?


Ok so
I had kind of a bad day at school (i.e everyone forgot)
Then, my dad and other brother had to shuttle my little brother around so I was at home for my birthday dinner.

So my mom is out of town in Texas for a conference and I was opening my presents on FaceTime. (Pretty disappointing in the first place that she wasn’t here for my birthday). I had 4 presents. I opened the long and skinny one first, because everyone knows that the smallest and skinniest isn’t the best. It turned out to be a necklace. A star necklace. Idk the last time I wore a necklace, but I can’t wear it to school, because of gym. Another thing I’ll never wear. So I was kind of disappointed about that and all, but I still had 3 more presents. I opened up the next one, a small rectangular box. Boot socks. The next package was boots. This makes me mad just thinking about it. THOSE STUPID BOOTS WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT. I didnt even want them. I cant even ever wear them. I can’t wear them to school because of gym, and it’s weird to wear rain boots to school. My last package was a small one. I KNOW ITS RUDE TO THINK THIS OK!! yes, finally something good! Maybe money I thought. I opened it, expecting money to fall out, but instead there was an envelope. yes yes yes! I open it and whoopdeedo. A facial. A facial. A facial. I think I’m having a stroke. Anyway, a facial. FOR SOMEONE THAT NEVER GETS PIMPLES. What the heck?!?!?!! That’s not even a present. No more presents.
-2 things I cant wear
-1 item that is a part of the thing I cant wear
-A facial
I’m in shock. Wait this is a nightmare.

And I know what you are thinking. Oh mallory you are too spoiled. Other kids would be happy to get that. Listen up: I had a bad day, and was expecting nice presents. Is that really so bad? Sucky birthday. No one even cares

The worst part is that my mom should know I don’t want that type of stuff.


I’m sorry your birthday presents weren’t that good and that it didn’t go as well as you had hoped.

I hope that things start looking up for you in the next few days.


So sorry your birthday wasn’t good…
wow you’re lucky to not get pimples


Idk what to do with the gifts
I’m never even going to use them

It makes me really mad that we talked about other things but she ended up getting me that


Can’t you wear the other things on weekends? When there’s no school?

And the facial could at least be fun.

Idk, try to make do with it if you can.


So how was your first day of school?


That was last Friday :stuck_out_tongue:

It was good.


Sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
That’s nice (that it was a good first day)


Where have you beeeeennnn??

Also, hoowwwwww have you beeeeennnn??


hi i heard ur cat is famous on Instagram
teach me ur ways


I’m sorrryyyy
I’ve been ok. How have you been?

Btw- did you unfollow Murphy?


Dang have you been reading this string?

Hehe do you have a pet?


Hey I haven’t seen you for a while
How are you doing?