Murphy1's general topic II


What poll


That poll on my gt
Okay irdk why I’m randomly vbeing weird and typing this with my toes but it’s pretty easy



Um, you must be very talented to do so.


Actually it’s easy (minus the big toe being sorta bulky) as long as you point your big toe downward


That sounds as easy as folding your tongue into some “U” shape.


That’s why it took you so long
How many typos


Oh yeah that sounds hard


Uhh several and autocorrect helped a lot XD


Everything that doesn’t make sense would make sense if everything is the process of over complicating every speck of dust.




I love how when you press the quote button you can see the hidden messages but you can’t when you quote the post on the post.


I’ve never met a Paulina or a Mallory.

You have such nice names.


I wonder what were my parents thinking while naming me. Did they just went on name generator and picked whatever came up.


My name isn’t Mallory.




I need a new name


I’m so confused.

If Mallory isn’t your name then why do you need a new one?


I just need a new one.
How was aquaman?


Aquaman was visually stunning.

and I’m not just talking about the cinematography. Amber Heard was in it and she’s visually stunning :P

I think the real downfall of the movie was dialogue. Almost all the time the characters spoke it was to explain something or establish something for later in the movie.

The jokes were hit or miss but I did laugh a few times.

The action scenes were amazing. There was one in Italy where the camera movements and the way it was shot and the environments were so creative and fun and beautiful.

I give it a 7.5/10.

Very good. Not as good as Wonder Woman. Not as bad as Justice League.

DC is on their way to being good again.


2.5 taken off because of the dialogue?