Murphy1's general topic II



It fell out of my ear onto a chair
And then I sat on the chair


Half day at school tomorrow because of snow!


Ooh lucky


God bless your soul.

Sorry buddy - but after the earring incident, I feel like you need the other half a day at school.


“Half day”
We got two hours off
It’s not snowing too hard


Hey hey! How can the earring thing be related to my intelligence?
:rofl: I am pretty dumb


I’m only kidding.

‘‘Twas a simple accident.

Normally when I see girls put on earrings isn’t there a thing that clips onto the sharp part to cover it?


Yeah I think

There’s also sticker ones you can probably get at like dollar stores and stuff
And those fall off really easily


The issues of talking on the internet- I knew you were kidding.

Yeah, there is but it can still fall off.


Who even wears those fake ones?


I knew you were kidding back.

My sense of humour involves playing along a lot (exhibit A, playing along with the fiancé thing).


Okay, so I came up with an idea of how to start a conversation with her and it also means that it’s up to her to continue the conversation.

Me: Did you know that you can’t breathe while you’re smiling?

Her: Yes you can.

Me: Yeah but you had to smile to check.

Now whatever she replies with will determine whether or not I should text her going onwards.

I want your approval first. What do you think?


Sounds good!
But what if, instead of replying with “yes you can,” she types up a whole novel about muscles in your face and smiling and being able to breathe while smiling?
Which probably won’t happen though XD


Me (in my mind): Wow you’re super cute AND smart. I’m more attracted to you than ever right now.

Me (actual response): Calm down, I was just trying to make you smile.


I don’t know if I’m too late, but absolutely not!

It sounds like a weird pickup line




Yeah, decided against it.




I think I might have done something worse though.

On an Instagram post that she made, one of her (female) friends asked her to marry her and she replied “I do :kissing_heart:” or something like that.

I replied to that and said, “Not trying to cause any problems or anything - but you told me you weren’t ready for marriage.”

instantly regrets


Should I delete it before she sees it?