Murphy1's general topic II



You are definitely the smart one.
I have to go as well.


I like that you want to be independent and not have to be reliant on someone else for everything.

Still, you don’t have to stress yourself so much.

When I said to take a break, I didn’t mean not to play viola, or study AT ALL, I just meant to be a little less extreme and to lessen your load.

I hope you know what I mean, it’s hard to understand someone’s tone when they’re talking to you through text and it is also hard to understand what someone’s going through when you can’t experience it for yourself.

I wish you good luck in everything and only hope for the best for you.


Test tomorrow: SSAT
I want to go to private school so bad.


I believe in you!

I’m sure you’ll do great :slight_smile:


You have school on Saturdays?


You know the SATs right?


My SAT went well, so hopefully this one will go as well.


This topic is literally just a place where I stress to random people



I thought the SSAT was for younger grades than the SAT, though.


So I took the SAT, because I want to get into Duke TIP and that’s one of the requirements. My SAT went really well, and I could take accelerated courses and go to good college at 15. Right now—I could go to a state university :smirk:

I’m taking the SSATs (my grade level) because I want to go to private school.


Come on @Murphy1. Am I seriously just a random person still?


Show off.


:stuck_out_tongue: you bet


Kind of. You are mostly still a random person.


Yeah, alright. That’s true.


Do you play bass in a group?
Do you take lessons?

Sorry, I was just thinking about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah I play solo.

I mostly just wing it since my music theory isn’t that bad, but I do take some online courses. Especially when I was just starting off.

Yeah nah don’t worry bout it. No need to apologize it’s fine :stuck_out_tongue:

How did your thing go tho? I bet you did great




This summarizes my life

Why in the world do people in my grade still want beanie boos?!

And who can’t spell squishys


Ah! Cool!

So my actual solo in front of 800 people is on Wednesday and my practice to the teacher was Thursday
It went :-1: my tempo is inconsistent


In the forum world, yes we could be considered friends. But in real life, friends at least know each other’s names :joy: