Murphy1's general topic II



The other one had memories I didn not want to think about…

Hi! This is my general topic inspired by all of yalls XD.

You can ask me weird or embrassing questions, give feedback, etc.

Please vote on the polls I use! All of these are took into mind to make my projects better!


Lol this is so new it lets me edit it


Hi! :D


hi :slight_smile:


Hi Murphy1! I really like your title.


i wanted it to be a open ended question for everyone
i have gotten a lot of tags to questions lol


Wow gosh...that's pouring out your feelings out of nowhere... :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, try making a really unique topic that will attract a lot of forumers and maybe you'll shine! :D


its kinda funny thinking about all the times ive tried...

honestly i know I'm always going to be overlooked in school, here, etc

i guess i joined the forum for once to have a fresh start which i will never get here. i will always be that person.
no one has ever stopped to just look not to overlook : (

Say Something Nice to Murphy1!

Same it's so annoying everyone is always bringing up our past and they never forgive


Someday, we will overpower all the haters and become better than them.
Someday, Murphy. Someday.


that day can not come fast enough

i have no reason to be here


Guys, @Cash pls there are no haters of u guys literally meaning that no one hates u and even if someone hates u, people that like u guys @Cash and @Murphy1 are bigger than the people that hate u

And u don't always need to be noticed before u know that there's always something special. The fact is that you don't have to be known before u know who you really are but the day u'll be noticed will come but only if u are patient.
being noticed is not the best part of ones life


Well, here be the second one :0



sorry XD


It's okay lol.

We both have two :0


But for different reasons


True dat




*Elle XD, actually :stuck_out_tongue:


that's le XD


Hello @Murphy1!:grinning: I really like your name. What your favorite breed of cats?:thinking::smiley_cat: